“Pork meat is a great source of proteins”.

Contrary to the idea of many people, their fat composition makes it an excellent choice in dietetics. 48% of the fatty acids are of monounsaturated type, which make, along with chicken meat, one of the best chances of eating meat without raising the level of fat.

The pork fat composition makes it particularly attractive for the following of a balanced diet. Because of being monounsaturated fatty acids, they are mainly composed of oleic acid, which helps to reduce LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels and to maintain or slightly increase HDL (“good”) cholesterol .

The confirmation of these good nutritional properties make pork meat a healthy gastronomic choice. Article from the newspaper “La Verdad” (In Spanish).

In El Cigarrero we receive dressed pork carcasses of the variety “Large White” which provides excelent quality meat. It is with this raw material with which we satisfy our customers and make our charcuterie.

The tastiest pork pieces are:
– The tenderloin.
– The loin.
– The bacon.
– The spare ribs.


Salmorejo (Easy)Stew with Murcian meatballs (Easy)Neapolitan Chops (Easy)Tenderloin with Green Pepper (Easy)
Salmorejo (Easy)
Stew with Murcian meatballs (Easy)
Neapolitan Chops (Easy)
Tenderloin with Green Pepper (Easy)