We offer our customers the possibility to pack our products under vacuum in order to keep them in good condition for longer. This form of preservation is very useful when preparing food for a trip or to keep them in the freezer.

In Embutidos “El Cigarrero”, we own equipment to vacuum packing our products, allowing us to package them immediately and thus preserving their freshness intact. To illustrate the process with an example, we show a freshly cut rib:

and once vacuum packed:

Among the many advantages of vacuum-packing, it could be highlighted the following:

  • The basic principles of vacuum packaging are hygiene and quality.
  • Vacuum packaging isolates the product, not allowing smell and taste mixing with other products frozen around.
  • It prevents the loss of food aroma and taste.
  • Avoids oxidation and therefore the putrefaction process is absent.
  • Food storage times are much longer.
  • Microorganisms do not grow in the absence of oxygen.
  • Ice burns do not appear, as there is no direct contact of the food with cold temperatures.