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  • From 14 to 16 anchovy fillets in olive oil from Santoña (Cantabria). From fresh anchovies fished in the Bay of Biscay and after months of salting and artisanal elaboration are obtained these anchovies with the right salt content. Contains: 85 gr.

  • The anchodina is the fillet of the sardine prepared in a similar manner to the traditional anchovies in olive oil. With a similar colour to the anchovy but brighter, its texture is meaty and firm. It has an elegant, delicious, taste with a nice salty touch. Contains: 220 gr.

  • Extra thick “Cojonudos” asparagus are white asparagus grown and canned in Navarre. Each glass jar contains between 6 and 9 units of thick great tasting asparagus. Contains: 375 gr.

  • “ALTA COCINA NAVARRA”. Authentic baby broad beans, unmistakable by its tenderness, in olive oil. Harvested by hand and carefully selected, they are a jewel of the vegetable garden. Contains: 395 gr.

  • The piquillo pepper is a variety of chilli traditionally grown in Northern Spain. Its name is derived from the Spanish for “little beak” and they are already cooked in the oven. Contains: 340 gr.

  • Two star ingredients of Spanish cuisine in a single product. The anchovy in oil combines the properties of the fish with those of the olive. This product is characterised by the mildness of its flavour. Produced in Castro Urdiales (Cantabria). Contains: 80 gr.

  • Cockles in brine in its own juice 25/35 pieces. Product of the Galician Rías.Contains: 120 gr.

  • Cockles in brine in its own juice 50/60 pieces. Product of the Galician Rías.Contains: 120 gr.

  • Resulting product of the milling of mature, healthy and dry peppers, totally red of the sort Capsicum Annum. Of its many properties, the most excellent are being a natural colouring, preservative and antioxidant. For its taste and colour, it is highly suitable for meat industries and a must in the kitchen. Contents: 70 gr.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items