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  • Don Heliodoro TM is crafted from specially selected unpasteurised ewe´s milk. This cheese is bathed in virgin olive oil every 15 days during the first 7 months of ageing and then covered with rosemary and left to mature for an additional 5 months.

  • The Drunken Goat TM Protected Designation of Origin. Made with the pasteurised milk from the Murciano-granadina goat, this cheese is bathed in Jumilla red wine, imparting an intoxicating aroma, while the cheese itself is creamy, elastic and light in texture, with a taste that is agreeably acidic and slightly salted.

  • The pro-biotic nature of this cheese helps to enhance the overall health of the body’s digestive system. It is made using pasteurised goat’s milk and is low in fat and salt, making it an ideal cheese for the entire family. It has a mild flavour that is pleasant to the palate.

  • Unique aged cheese. This cheese is left to mature in the cellar two months and then is covered with lard of exceptional quality, wrapped it in brown paper and returned it to the cellar for ten months. After this maturation, it is obtained one of the finest delicacies for world cheese gourmets.

  • Cheese from pasteurized goat milk bathed in red wine. Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)Approximate weight per piece: 0.350 Kgs

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items