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  • The butifarra is a typical Mediterranean sausage made from minced pork meat and spices. In El Cigarrero, we prepare them in the traditional black and white varieties, the latter contains pork blood.

  • Sausage made with the flesh of the head, ear and pork tongue. Seasoned with spices and slowly cooked in a wood oven gives a delicious and unique taste.

  • The Catalan botifarra or catalana is prepared from premium pork cooked in a thick skin. This sausage has a slight sweet taste and smooth texture and is ready to serve and enjoy.

  • Handcrafted sausage made from lean meat ham pork and spices. Cooked inside moulds in oven with wood that gives a unique taste. It is suitable for diets balanced for its low fat content.

  • The typical morcilla of Murcia has the onion as its main ingredient. At El Cigarrero onion is firewood-cooked giving them a special taste. To the chopped onion is added blood, cinnamon and other spices and in the hot variety pine nuts too!.

  • The morcón of Murcia is a sausage cooked in a ball-shaped skin, ready to serve and taste. We prepare them in three varieties, Murcian morcón, morcón Lorca style (less fat) and black morcón (with blood).

  • Pâté produced in the traditional manner, based on pork liver, bacon, eggs, spices with pine nuts cooked in a wood oven in a clay casserole. In this way, we obtain a pâté with deep and exquisite flavour that will delight the most demanding palates.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items